Charles Moreland, CFESA Master Technician.

Charles Moreland, CFESA Master Technician.

ANYONE WHO has ever worked in the restaurant industry knows how vital equipment can be. Whether it’s the oven systems, refrigeration systems, or any of the utilities that supply the equipment (gas, steam, water, electrical lines, etc.). When one of them breaks down, it can throw a significant roadblock in a kitchen operation. Companies like Commercial Kitchen operate specifically to remove those roadblocks by repairing and maintaining the equipment.

One of the employees at Commercial Kitchen working hard to keep the equipment running for their customers is Charles Moreland, a CFESA Master Technician in electric, gas, steam and refrigeration. In 2001, Charles came across a simple ad in the newspaper for a job that “paid to train.” He applied and was accepted into the first class of Commercial Kitchen University (CKU), the internal company training program. Having worked in welding and as a machinist, Charles had a strong mechanical background already. That background was supported by training provided by Commercial Kitchen and Vidal Muñoz, his teacher in electrical, gas, and steam.

From there, the rest is history. Charles, like many others in the company started without a strong knowledge of the fundamentals of the food service industry and is now a master of the trade. For years, he applied that knowledge through the day-to-day work of helping install, repair and maintain equipment.

Now, Charles has two roles in the company. When Charles isn’t teaching at Commercial Kitchen University (CKU), he is dealing with day-to-day jobs and the challenges that they present. CKU provides Charles the opportunity to keep his trade alive and teach others while keeping his own knowledge of the industry strong. Charles, like every employee at Commercial Kitchen, offers his thanks to the people in the company who helped him achieve his success: Brock W. Coleman, the CEO of the company; Vidal Muñoz, who helped provide Charles with training and a strong knowledge of the fundamentals; and David Duckworth, for letting Charles operate under his own methods while trusting that he always has the best interests of the company in mind.

Is your restaurant plagued by mechanical issues in the back of the house? Even the best chefs and the best ingredients can’t make up for an oven that won’t work or a faulty cooling system. For more information about Commercial Kitchen and what they can do for you and your business, contact 800-292-2120 or