Warranty Service

Commercial Kitchen offers a 101-day Warranty on all of our repair services. Since the industry standard for commercial kitchen repair is 30 days, we believe that speaks volumes about our commitment to fanatical service.

CKPS proudly represents 200+ manufacturers for warranty service in the State of Texas. We will submit warranty claims on your behalf. Manufacturers make the final determination to honor any or all of your warranty claim.

A valid warranty claim will be specified in the equipment owner’s manual which outlines all warranty claim information, and/or you will have an authorization number from the manufacturer. Be aware that there are instances where claims with pre-authorization have been denied.

There are many circumstances where a manufacturers’ warranty coverage typically does not apply. We have compiled this short non-inclusive list of typical reasons as to why your warranty claim might be denied or partially denied.

  • The warranty claim is not identified by the customer when service is requested
  • Customer has not provided a valid proof of purchase
  • Operator error
  • Not plugged in
  • Improper wear and tear or abuse of equipment
  • Water related issues
  • Improper installation: electrical, water, drain, location
  • Required or suggested maintenance and cleaning has not been routinely performed
  • Adjustments such as calibration or leveling
  • Replacement of consumable parts such as light bulbs, gaskets, knobs, etc.
  • Freight charges for warranty parts
  • Travel charges

We are continually updated on industry warranty policies and coverage.

We will do our very best to make you aware of any potential problems or concerns we find prior to submitting your claim. CKPS will submit your warranty claim and await the manufacturers response. In the event that the manufacturer denies your claim, you will be notified for the reason of the denial. In this case you will be responsible for the charges associated with the repair.

Please call (800) 292-2120 if you have any questions.