Ice Machines

Our CFESA Certified Technicians are qualified to work on nearly every brand of Ice Machines. Planned Maintenance is highly recommended to protect your investment.

The following illustrates what our CFESA Certified Technicians check during scheduled Planned Maintenance visits:

  • Remove all ice from bin and store in walk in freezer
  • Inspect, clean and sanitize entire bin as needed
  • Inspect, chemically clean and sanitize water pans, accessories and removable hoses
  • Ensure the water level in the sump area is correct
  • Chemically clean the condenser coil, if needed
  • Ensure correct ice capacity level
  • Ensure and document correct ice harvest cycle time
  • A key component of a properly operating ice machine is proper water filtration.

Water filtration systems will be installed where needed only after approval. We highly recommend a pre-filter, along with the main water filter. After installation you will have the option of joining our water filter preventive maintenance program.

Note: Water Softener systems are not a direct substitute for water filtration.