David Arias, San Antonio Service Technician at Commercial Kitchen Parts & Service.

David Arias, San Antonio Service Technician at Commercial Kitchen Parts & Service.

Starting Out as an Installer for the Installation Division four years ago, this past September, David Arias currently works as a Service Technician for the San Antonio Branch. Throughout his years working as an Installer, David developed a desire to advance to a Service Technician. In the beginning of 2018, Commercial Kitchen was awarded a large project refurbishing over 100 Rational Combi Ovens. David was involved in this project where he assisted the Service Technician the project was assigned to. Having part in this large project really helped solidify David’s drive to accomplish his goal of becoming a Service Technician. Here at Commercial Kitchen we have always made it clear to our employees if they have the drive and the willingness to learn we can provide the help to advance their career.

One avenue is through Commercial Kitchen University, a 12 week in-house training program. David applied for the opportunity to attend the training class and was accepted. Over that 12 week period David learned the basic fundamentals of electric, gas, and steam. He also learned trouble shooting skills along with soft skills training. Shortly after successfully completing the program, David was sent to Chicago for training on Rational Combi Ovens. He is now a Certified Rational Technician and services that equipment on a regular basis. His next goal is to complete all three CFESA Certifications to become a Master Technician.

David’s day to day work in the field is anything but routine or repetitive. Each service call presents new challenges for him to apply his newly learned skills. Those challenges can only lead to improvement, and improvement is the name of the game. There is no end to David’s opportunity for continued learning. There is always a new piece of equipment introduced into the market to learn about and one on the drawing board.

David offers thanks to Commercial Kitchen for providing him with so many opportunities to improve not only his earning potential for life, but also his personal and family life as well. He describes the company as very friendly and tight-knit, not only the personable employees but also the owner himself.

Keeping a restaurant kitchen operating smoothly can be a difficult task. It’s made even more difficult when you have a failure on a critical piece of equipment. Regular maintenance is essential to keeping your equipment running at peak performance. For more information about Commercial Kitchen and what they can do for you and your business, contact 800-292-2120 or service@commercialkitchen.com.