JoBeth Brehm, Customer Service Rep- 24 years with the company.

JoBeth Brehm, who has worked at Commercial Kitchen for twenty-four years, currently works as a Customer Service Rep. Like many employees in the company, she enjoys not only the fast-paced work environment but also the opportunity to help customers solve the unique problems they encounter so that their operations running smoothly.

Prior to Commercial Kitchen, JoBeth worked for a catering business where she saw how things work from the “other side of the fence,” as it were. She decided that she would need to transition to an office job as she grew older, so she took on a part-time role at Commercial Kitchen. Initially, that job simply consisted of filing paperwork and helping to answer incoming calls. She quickly transitioned into a full-time role which brought along with it the opportunity to do a lot of extracurricular around the office and to learn a lot about our business. Five years later, she transitioned to the customer-facing side of the company in the service department, eventually working her way up to her current role.

As a people person, JoBeth likes that her new role gives her the opportunity to deal with vendors and customers on a one-on-one basis. Knowing the other side of the business through her previous experience in catering, she can empathize with the frustration that comes with equipment breaking at the worst possible times. This translates to improved customer service for Commercial Kitchen’s customers across the board.

JoBeth strongly believes in the philosophy that Brock Coleman, the owner of Commercial Kitchen, brings to the company. With a strong passion passed down from his father, Brock inspires his employees. JoBeth started a year after Brock took the company over, seeing many of the changes that he brought along with his new role. Other members of her family work for Commercial Kitchen, and all of them have undergone significant life changes during their time there. Not many companies exist where employees can go to the owner one-on-one with issues or problems, but Brock likes to maintain an open-door policy.

Commercial Kitchen is an environment built around employee empowerment.

One of the core values of the company is “celebrating the journey.”

Individuals are given leeway to come up with new ideas and see what they can make happen. Brock encourages “ownership thinking” and provides incentives to boost areas that the company may need to improve upon. With the restaurant industry as multifaceted as it is,  one can take for granted the smooth process of ordering and receiving food without even knowing all the work that goes into keeping the equipment in that kitchen operating properly. That’s where Commercial Kitchen shines.